What happens when I apply for a subdivison and how long does the process take?

When you decide to subdivide your property it can be a daunting prospect.

We generally advise clients that the process takes anywhere from 6-12 months depending upon which council they are in, and the requirements of the approved planning permit.

Luckily for you, at Nobelius Land Surveyors we are highly experienced in the process and are here for you every step of the way.
But what are those steps?  What happens after those first few weeks when applying for the subdivision until the application goes to lodgement with Land Victoria?

Read below to find out more about the subdivision process!

  • Firstly, you need to obtain a quote for survey work/s from ourselves or another reputable Land Surveyors.
  • Your Land Surveyor will carry out a feature & level survey, including photos (where needed).
  • Your Land Surveyor will then prepare additional reports for vacant land subdivisions to address the surrounding areas & adjoining properties etc (where needed).
  • A draft Plan of Subdivision will be prepared.
  • Once the plan of subdivision has been approved by you, Your Land Surveyor will prepare the supporting Planning Permit & Certification Applications.
  • Council will assess the Planning Permit Application & request further information if they require it.  For further information on council’s guide to planning see here:  (Baw Baw Shire) or here (Cardinia) or look up your own local council.
  • The application will be referred internally & externally where necessary (engineering / power / sewer / water etc).
  • Council may also advertise the application to surrounding property owners.
  • If Council is happy that the proposal complies with all criteria, and there have been no objections or other issues, Council will issue the Subdivision Planning Permit.
  • A copy of the approval will be send to the owner/client for review, along with any matters that needs to be satisfied.
  • Once the permit has been issued, your land surveyor can carry out the survey on site – peg any proposed lots (vacant) or once construction has commenced & brickwork finalised they will carry out the final survey & measure what has been constructed on site.
  • Meanwhile, you will be required to apply to the power & sewer/water authorities etc for their requirements. Along with this, it is strongly recommended that you make contact with the relevant telecommunication network or service provider to obtain the necessary provisioning letter and supporting documentation.
  • If the permit conditions require any on site works to be completed (driveway / drainage etc) you will need to complete these, in line with any approved plans & arrange for an inspection upon completion of the works.
  • You will need to settle any other fees / conditions such as a Public Open Space Contribution, Development & Drainage Contributions (these will be conditions of the permit).
  • Once all the conditions of the planning permit have been satisfied, the Plan of Subdivision will be Certified and a Statement of Compliance issued.
  • Your Land Surveyor will prepare the required Abstract of Field Records & Surveyors Report and forward the supporting documentation to your Conveyancer or Solicitor for lodgement with Land Victoria.

(Registration of the Plan of Subdivision with Land Victoria generally takes between 14-21 business days. Please speak to your Solicitor or Conveyancer regarding the fees / lodgement process etc.)

We hope you found this blog answered some of your worries about starting a subdivision for your property.

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