Planning applications have become more complicated in recent years and can be a daunting process for people looking to develop their land. 


When you make the decision to subdivide, we can take away the stress and uncertainty and help to facilitate this process for you. 


We manage the entire town planning process, from start to finish.  So you have someone to help you every step of the way.


Our role involves:-


  1.  Providing an upfront, honest appraisal of your proposal.
  2. Developing strategies to maximise a financial benefit.
  3. Assisting you with the appointment of sub contractors, ie arborist, traffic engineer, septic consultants, if required.  We have well developed relationships with consultants we have worked with collaboratively for previous planning applications.
  4. Arrange pre-application meetings with Council to discuss your proposal, if necessary.
  5. Prepare a comprehensive, compelling planning submission for Council.
  6. Communicate with you throughout the planning permit process to keep you aware of the status of your application. 
  7. Once your planning permit is approved by Council, we can assist with the requirements to satisfy Council’s planning permit conditions, gaining Statement of Compliance, and ultimately new titles for the land subdivided.
We offer complimentary pre-application meetings to discuss your proposal.
If you are ready to sub-divide your land and would like our help then get in touch with Jan, our friendly town planning expert by clicking here.

Don’t delay, get your dream started today!