Another summer almost over and you are still wondering just how to begin the process of installing your own pool ready for the next year??

At Nobelius Land Surveyors we can help you navigate the process from start to finish, providing timely advice along the way.

Here are some starting points to consider.  Most importantly, if you are building on or near your boundary it is essential to get a Title Re-Establishment Survey from the offset.  This can ONLY be provided by a licensed Land Surveyor (and we have 2!).  Getting this can prevent many headaches and delays along the way.

 STEP 1:  Engage your preferred pool company and discuss size and dimensions of the pool you require.

STEP 2:  Speak to a Licensed Land Surveyor to request:

A Feature and Level Survey – which maps the contours of the land and any existing features

A Title re-establishment survey – showing the proposed pool with dimensions and setbacks to title boundaries.

The cost for this is generally $2000-2500+GST depending on location.

This is required for council to approve a planning permit.

STEP 3: Contact your local council

Each Council will be different regarding the planning scheme triggers for a pool. For some councils, pools trigger planning assessments because they require earthworks in excess of 1 metre, or reduced setbacks from boundaries for any building and works, including a pool.


New Victorian Government legislation came into effect from December 2019 regarding pools and spas. You must now register pools and spas with Council and have them inspected every 4 years.


Every Council will have information on their website regarding this Building Regulation requirement.

A recent happy customer, Natalie Colvin said ” Nobelius Land Surveyors were so helpful when we wanted to build our pool.  We really didn’t know where to begin and dealing with Council was always confusing.  Nobelius took away the worry and stress and helped us get our pool installed in time for summer.  We can’t thank them enough!”

If you would like to discuss this further one of our helpful team can help you get your dream pool underway:

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