Kris, our senior party leader & sub-drafting supervisor is training to be a licensed Land Surveyor.  After recently passing his urban project I asked him to provide us with some insights in to what it’s like to learn to be a Land Surveyor, balancing work, study and family.  Here’s what he had to say:


Upon finishing my degree via correspondence, I couldn’t sign up to do my Professional Training Agreement (PTA) fast enough. However, I soon came to the realisation that there were a few ‘holes’ in my understanding of what it takes to be a Senior Surveyor, and these could only be learnt over time with the necessary experience and mentoring. Rob, Ben, and Tim have been invaluable resources in this area and I’m well on my way to filling some of these gaps in my knowledge.

Passing my Urban Project means I’m essentially a quarter of the way through my PTA so it’s a long road but really fulfilling. The challenges that lie ahead for me are juggling the next Project (Rural) with a growing family.

A new initiative has been the formation of a fortnightly meeting/focus group where the other Surveyors signed up to the PTA (Tim Dole and Luke Knudsen) are mentored by the Licensed Surveyors (Ben and Tim). For myself this is giving a continued focus and helping to be accountable with deadlines agreed on within the meetings.