Nobelius Land Surveyors have recently joined together with the Surveying Task Force to help tell young learners about our fantastic profession.  Since this blog was written, we have also hosted our very first work experience student.  We are keen to help more young people learn about land surveying.

If you would like to know more about work experience positions available at Nobelius Land Surveyors please get in touch with us here.

Below, Michelle Brooks tells us more about the work they do at the Task Force.

Greetings from the Surveying Task Force.

At the Surveying Task Force, we are very excited to have Nobelius Land Surveyors join us in the fight to reach today’s young learners and let them know all about this great profession.

Ben Nobelius and Tim Walker from the Nobelius team attended the May 21st Pakenham Secondary College Career Expo and spoke to students about surveying.  They taught students how it relates to school subjects like maths, geography and IT, and what it can offer them in a career after they finish school.

The reason Ben and Tim took the time out of their busy schedules is that the surveying profession is undergoing a skills shortage.  However there’s certainly no shortage of work opportunities! The Surveying Task Force was formed to shine the spotlight on the surveying profession, ensuring students, parents and career advisors get the chance to find out what this misunderstood career is all about. It’s particularly helpful when we have great industry ambassadors like Ben and Tim ready to help out!

The Surveying Task Force doesn’t just facilitate conversations between surveying professionals and secondary school students at career expos. We also maintain the successful A Life Without Limits campaign. Part of that is the A Life Without Limits website.  This is a rich resource outlining all the reasons why surveying is integral to Australia’s continued development. We also supply schools, teachers and other stakeholders with educational and informative surveying resources.

Get Kids into Survey.

Get Kids into Survey is an exciting new tool we have to help us battle the surveying skills shortage.

At the turn of year, the Surveying Task Force became Australian brand ambassadors for a range of colourful and charismatic posters: the Get Kids into Survey series, developed in the United Kingdom by Elaine Ball Marketing. These classroom educational aids are a vibrant, eye-catching way of letting students know all about the ins and outs of the surveying profession. Geared to a younger audience, they help students see the link between maths and geography and real-world jobs,  They feature a host of engaging characters and plenty of surveying facts.

In short, they’re a real opportunity to engage with students and communicate what exactly it is that surveyors do in their day-to-day jobs.

Do You Know Someone Who’d Love to Learn More About Surveying?

As Get Kids into Survey’s Australian brand ambassador, the Task Force has been instrumental in supplying this poster to career advisors and schools around the state and the country. The great news is that the interest has been really strong! Just as well too: these posters are a foundational tool in helping promote surveying as an industry, a career path and a fundamental building block that our modern world is built upon.

If you know industry professionals, educational practitioners or career advisors who would be interested in receiving a consignment of these posters, either for distribution or for direct use in school classrooms, we can send them their first free poster if they reach out to us! Additional posters can be ordered at for no more than the cost of postage and handling.