Ethical surveyors have a transparent fee structure and will always take the time to explain the work being carried out and how you will be charged. In this blog we’ll take a quick look at how licensed surveyors in the Victorian cadastre and property market establish their fees. Remember that surveying fees always vary according to the scope and complexity of the project; taking into account the following four considerations:

1. Scope and complexity of the project
Large, complex projects naturally cost more because they take longer to evaluate and may require specialised skills or even external consulting services. Costs tend to increase when a site is situated on a slope, has significant vegetation cover, obstructed or irregular boundaries, or the terrain is difficult to access. Other factors that can influence the complexity, scope and overall risk of a project include:

• Market value of the property, land, estate, assets and improvements
• Work that needs to be undertaken outside regular business hours
• The accessibility of the location

2. Skills, education and experience of the surveyor
The decision to engage a surveyor should never be based on price alone. Check the qualification and skills of the surveyor you are considering engaging and make sure they are registered and licensed with the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria. Beware of seemingly ‘cheap’ surveying fees, you might find the ‘surveyor’ is not longer registered or is otherwise unqualified.

3. Travel, equipment, consumables
Your licensed surveyor may need to travel considerable distances to access your property. Allowances need to be made for survey and 4WD vehicles, and for very remote properties — hire cars, flights, living expenses, and accommodation. At the same time survey work requires consumables like pegs, stakes and star pickets. All surveying companies will build these essential costs into the overall fee.

4. Business overheads and administration costs
Surveying fees also include allowances for business overheads and running costs. Apart from office rentals, salaries, and equipment, surveyors pay annual registration and licensing fees, continuing education expenses, as well as professional indemnity insurance and public liability. Don’t engage a surveyor who doesn’t have insurance. Always ask.
Engaging a licensed surveyor at Nobelius
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