Whether you’re subdividing your land into five lots or 500, we’ll complete the surveying process accurately and efficiently, so you can start construction sooner

If you’re a land owner looking to subdivide your block, or a project manager working on a residential development, our Licensed Surveyors have the knowledge and expertise to assist.

With proven experience subdividing properties of all sizes we use the latest equipment and techniques to complete the job quickly, efficiently and accurately. In addition to our site surveys, we provide all the necessary documents, assist with lodgement and support you throughout to ensure a smooth process. Here’s an overview of how it works for unit developments:

  • Draft Plan of Subdivision: We will prepare a plan of subdivision based on the approved development plans prepared by your architect/draftsperson, and then forward it to you to review along with an owner’s consent form and payment request for the Council fees.
  • Council Lodgement: Once we receive the signed owner’s consent form and the Council fees are paid, we’ll lodge the plan with Council through the online SPEAR system.

Council will assess the application and refer it to all the relevant servicing authorities such as electricity, water and sewerage. The authorities will respond to Council advising if they have any specific requirements that are to be included in the Planning Permit.

  • Site Survey: We will visit the site once the base brickwork of the units has commenced and measure the as-built location of the units – we require two weeks’ notice to book this survey in. We will then update the plan of subdivision to the final/fully dimensioned plan, and lodge this with Council (via SPEAR) for Certification. Council will again refer the application to the servicing authorities for their review. The authorities will respond to Council advising if any changes are needed on the plan (such as Easements, etc.) or if any works need to be completed onsite. Any changes or additional requirements will need to be completed before Council will give their consent by way of a Statement of Compliance. We’ll forward you the relevant forms and provide advice and support to ensure this step is completed as quickly as possible. In addition, Council may include their own requirements, for example, relating to driveways or drainage, levies, etc. If so, you’ll need to arrange for these items to be completed, and where necessary inspected. Once all the servicing authorities have consented to certification of the plan, the plan will be certified and we will be notified.
  • Abstract of Field Records: We will complete the required Abstract of Field Records and Surveyors Report ready for lodgement at Land Victoria. This process is completed electronically, and everything will be emailed to your conveyancer or solicitor once outstanding accounts are settled with us.
  • Statement of Compliance: Once the development works (driveways, drainage, etc.) are completed, all servicing authorities have given their consent and all Council permit conditions are satisfied, Council will issue the Statement of Compliance. This finalises all Council requirements and allows the plan of subdivision to be registered with Land Victoria.


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