From site surveys to obtaining and interpreting land titles, we provide the expertise and support needed to get your land development project underway faster

The land development process can have many layers, with a lot of these raising to the surface suddenly and unexpectantly. It can be overwhelming and at times disheartening going at this alone, but we’re here to help.

Our initial approach would be to meet with you to understand your expectations in terms of timing of the overall development process. We would also seek to understand your capabilities to drive the project forward and to establish a project management plan.

This plan would set the script of each stage of the development with the initial focus on Stage 1, which is lodgement of the Planning Permit.:

Stage 1 Permit Application

Contact and negotiation with Council and the coordination and review of expert consultant reports, which include:

  • Urban Design.
  • Town Planning.
  • Stormwater Management.
  • Cultural Heritage.
  • Flora and Fauna.
  • Civil Engineering (servicing report).

As part of the Planning Permit stage we can also navigate through any further information requests Council may have, and then review the permit conditions to ensure they’re all within expectations.


Stage 2 Plan Certification

Whilst reviewing the permit conditions we will highlight all the works needed in order to have the plan of subdivision Certified so that site works can begin. These may include:

  • Plans for endorsement.
  • Detailed engineering road/drainage/sewer/water design, including works contracts.
  • Electrical and telecommunications designs and contracts.
  • Preparation and Registration of Section 173 Agreements.
  • Landscaping plans.
  • Negotiation with neighbouring land owners for servicing Easements.
  • Native vegetation offset management and negotiation.

Stage 3 Construction & Statement of Compliance

Generally, the design engineer will handle the tender process to appoint a civil contractor and be responsible for holding them accountable to their work. Our role within this stage is to ensure all the necessary paperwork and approvals are kept up to date for each of the servicing authorities, and all levies and agreements/bonds/etc. with Council are made. We will also complete the as-constructed road and drainage survey (A-SPEC) for submission to Council and all the necessary survey documentation.

To find out how we can help with your land development project in as much or as little capacity as you require, contact our team on 1300 NOBELIUS.


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