When you build a new home, it’s critical that both the boundaries and placement of the house are 100 percent accurate. Our licensed team of surveyors work extensively on both small and large housing developments and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your project gets off to the best start.
Whether you’re building one home or 100, we’ll make the land mapping process stress-free. We can assist with the initial site survey, through to setting out the placement of the house slab, and everything in between.

Building Envelopes

Building envelopes provide specific guidance and requirements for design features that must be adhered to when developing an allotment. They can be explained using plans, diagrams, written descriptions or a combination of these.

The requirements in a building envelope help to ensure the newly developed area has a consistent look, feel and character throughout. It applies to homes built now, and in the future, for as long as the envelope is in place. The design parameters in a building envelope may relate to:

  • The height and setback of buildings to ensure minimal overshadowing and visual bulk
  • Design components to give the new area a distinctive character and consistency
  • The efficient use of land to minimise the impact of urban sprawl

If you’d like to find out how we can help you with building envelopes, land boundaries and setting out of the placement of house slabs on your building project, contact our team on 1300 NOBELIUS


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